Pinterest and Instagram

Mon, 06/02/2014 - 11:45 -- Arti Patel
Pinterest and Instagram

When it comes to sharing pictures there are many ways that the internet and social media let you get them out there.

From sites such as Deviant Art that let you upload your own artistic and photographic talents to be viewed by others to Facebook that allows you to share the 4,000 photos that you took at the pub on Thursday night.

However when it comes to dedicated sharing of images there are three that really spring to mind – tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram.

Of course tumblr is not just a dedicated image sharing site, it includes blogs, links, quotes and blog type posts to all be shared for a very diverse use of social media. Though it is a powerful site, like Reddit, for sharing such things, neither is really anywhere near the same level as Pinterest and Instagram.


Pinterest is a site that you can upload images to or simply enter a link and it will pull up the images on the site in order for you to post them into boards, like you would on a pin or cork board in your room.

The idea is that by using the boards on Pinterest you can put together collections of images to help you plan events such as birthday parties, weddings or other celebrations.

It also allows you to put all your favourite memes from your favourite TV shows, films, gaming franchise or even comic book series all in one place without having to download the pictures to your computer.

One of the biggest bonuses about Pinterest is that you can make boarders public so anyone can see the images you have pinned to a board and pin them to their own boards as well but you can also create private boards, boards only you can see that could be a shrine to Justin Beiber or a collection of wedding dresses you like and may need in a few years’ time.

As you can see what other people are putting on their boards on Pinterest it makes it a great place to be able to find new clothes, memes and other great images that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to find if you weren’t using Pinterest.


Instagram on the other hand is very different from Pinterest, like Snapchat that allows you to capture a moment in time and share it with your friends and then have it expire, Instagram allows you to share images instantly much like twitter does with 140 characters instead of photographs.

Instagram lets you share with your friends, family and Facebook feed snippets of time from your life that you can apply different filters to.

Whether that is capturing the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen as it sets behind the mountains in the Austrian Alps or is showing the world what you did to your housemate or best friend who was silly enough fall asleep on the sofa when you were around, Instagram is a great place to let the world see what you are up to.

Instagram is the social media equivalent of the Polaroid camera that we used in the 1980s and 1990s in order to instantly take and develop pictures to show people what we had been doing without having to use up a whole roll of film.

Why are Pinterest and Instagram so popular?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, that it can evoke more memories than reading a written account, and also holds a fascination of being able to make even the worst of times look like they are the best of times.

There are so many words that are used in other social media formats that Pinterest and Instagram are a breath of fresh air. From sharing the new dress you have just bought on Instagram, to designing an entirely new summer wardrobe based on the images you find on Pinterest, it’s not really a surprise that both Pinterest and Instagram are becoming more popular.